10 August 2009 / Travel
Things have gone off to a good start. I’ve got a window seat and the 2 seats adjacent to mine are vacant, a luxury that I have not encountered in years! Didn’t get much sleep despite the extra space. I was however rather comfy regardless. I had to catch a connecting flight to San Francisco from Los Angeles. LAX was absolute bedlam. Maybe it was because they were trying to serve to many flights in the terminal, but the entire layout was unintuitive.
10 August 2009 / Travel
On the plane waiting. The excitement is building. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch some sleep on the way there. Also, of you thought terrestrial SMS was a rip-off, in air SMS costs US$1.90 to send/receive a mere 160 bytes!
9 August 2009 / Travel
I’ll be heading to the airport soon. The excitement is building up within me. Thoughts of the adventures (and insane training) that await me at the Beijing Circus School fill my mind. That question, however,¬†will remain unanswered till after my first stop in San Francisco to visit my dear sister. Onwards!
9 August 2009 / Travel
All packed! Loaded with entertainment, TimTams, Butter Menthols, toys (for the little ones, and to entertain myself). Even my contact staves will be coming with me this trip. However I haven’t weighed anything yet. Nothing here that I could use as a pair of scales. I guess I’ll just have to hope for the best when I arrive at the airport tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to the flight and kicking off the adventure, but yet, I’m feeling so drained and exhausted.
28 July 2009 / Making Stuff
Today was my first episode of drama with the Cupcake CNC. Just assembled the extruder controller today. The whole experience was rather uneventful… That is until I attempted to burn the bootloader. First the AVR programmer won’t work on my machine due to a lack of drivers for Vista x64. But I managed to run it off another machine. But after that, programmer seems to be unable to communicate with the chip on the extruder.
26 July 2009 / Making Stuff
After wrangling with customs to get this though, the box sits before me. Fragile none the less. Upon opening the box and removing the packing material, I’m greeted with a few more boxes, a power supply & 3 bundles of plastic filament. Shipping contents One box contains parts for the Cupcake’s body. Laser cut plywood, foam build bases & threaded rods. Cupcake CNC body parts And below are the 3 bundles of ABS filament (aka print stock).
21 July 2009 / Making Stuff
28 June 2009 / Travel
The tickets have been paid for. Now to sort out the rest of my travel plans. I’d have to say that despite the fact that I’ve decided on this trip in early 2008, I’ve been really slack with the planning and organising. And what I’ve done so far was done in a rather haphazard fashion.