Burn dammit!

Today was my first episode of drama with the Cupcake CNC.

Just assembled the extruder controller today. The whole experience was rather uneventful… That is until I attempted to burn the bootloader.

First the AVR programmer won’t work on my machine due to a lack of drivers for Vista x64. But I managed to run it off another machine. But after that, programmer seems to be unable to communicate with the chip on the extruder. Double checked all my cables, solder connections, etc., etc. and nothing works (except for the power LED on the extruder).

What’s more puzzling is that initially the AVR programmer communicated with the chip and refused to burn the bootloader since I chose the wrong Arduino bootloader. When that was fixed, the programmer is unable to talk to the chip (even after restoring my previous settings).

Haven’t found a solution online yet. I’m begining to wonder if I fried the chip during the reflow process…