Cupcake CNC unboxing

After wrangling with customs to get this though, the box sits before me. Fragile none the less.

Upon opening the box and removing the packing material, I’m greeted with a few more boxes, a power supply & 3 bundles of plastic filament.

Shipping contents

One box contains parts for the Cupcake’s body. Laser cut plywood, foam build bases & threaded rods.

Cupcake CNC body parts

And below are the 3 bundles of ABS filament (aka print stock). Black, white & off-white.

ABS filament

The magnifing visor and PSU.

Magnifying visor & PSU

A close up of the magnifier. I’m having trouble remembering when the last time I bought something other than a lighting fixture with an incandescent bulb. And while using it, it barely puts out enough light. Overall, this is the part of the package that felt really dissappointing. I wasn’t expecting much from it to begin with, but this item really underwhelms. In the end, it does accomplish its task as a magnifying visor.

Close up of magnifying visor

The steppers. They move things… ‘nuff said.


The cables, plastruder & electronics kits that drive the machine.

Electronics bundle

An interesting thing to note. The idler pulleys are actually printed by the very machine that I’ll be building (or maybe by a RepRap, which is the god father of the Cupcake CNC).

Printed idler pulley

Other things to note, the package lacked Kapton tape and IDC headers (for the stepper drivers).

Update: More electronic components/parts were noticed to be missing during the build. This is getting more and more annoying.