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26 July 2011 / / Making Stuff
No, not that kind of e-famous. I’ve been working on a little project lately. It’s nowhere near complete but after performing the first mechanical test, I figured that I put it up on Thingiverse anyway as a WIP. The project in a nutshell is to produce an animatronic tentacle that responds to one’s mental state. The parts were printed with PLA on my Ultimaker. I’m not sure how I should tackle the ball joint as it’s brittle when printed with PLA, and I think the print was too solid (and hence too heavy).
21 June 2011 / / Making Stuff
The Ultimaker has arrived! Can’t wait till I have some time to start work on it. But in the mean time, maybe I should stain the wood a nice mahogany.
25 February 2011 / / Making Stuff
Just yesterday, my geared stepper from MakerGear arrived. I’ve already upgraded my electronics to Makerbot’s Gen 4 set, so for the firmware and electronics standpoint it was pretty easy. I made a 6-pin to 10-pin cable to hook up the Gen 3 stepper driver. The MakerBot wiki didn’t give much detail if it was supposed to be the first 6 pins or the last 6 pins of the 10-pin connector that needed to be wired up, but after studying the images, it looked like it was the first 6 pins that had to be wired up.
02 June 2010 / / Making Stuff
A week or so ago, I decided to switch over to Skeinforge 007. Mostly because the Raftless script only works with that version. Skeinforge being Skeinforge, it didn’t carry over all its settings and I had to manually transfer them by hand. Having said that, thanks to the built-in profiles, there was one that for the Cupcake. It seemed to work well enough, but had a few issues such as the “extrusion over” ratios not working at all for me.
01 June 2010 / / Making Stuff
I’ve always wanted a laser cutter. If I could get one, I’d do so in a heartbeat… but I do not have a few grand of pocket change to splurge for one, nor do I see myself being in such a position any time soon. But just today I heard about the Lasersaur. It still hasn’t really gotten off the ground yet and they are seeking funding to start this project.
03 May 2010 / / Making Stuff
If you thought the Cupcake build went too smoothly over the last few days, think again. It’s all action and adventure here in the workshop! Seems that the Cupcake needs a little adjustment. The pinch wheel on the extruder occasionally slips, but moving the idler wheel further in and tightening it even more seems to have fixed it. Another issue that I’ve come up against was the Y-stage slipping during builds.
01 May 2010 / / Making Stuff
Am I done? I can’t believe it. Working though the night into the wee hours of the morning, I can now say that Cupcake is now complete! Well, almost… I have no endstop triggers at the moment, but from what I’ve been reading, they are not essential. Initial tests seem promising. The extruder works, the build platform works, and the Z-stage works in reverse. Fixing the Z-stage was thankfully easy, just a simple checkbox in the machine preferences and voilĂ , it’s fixed!
30 April 2010 / / Making Stuff
If you have read my last post on the Cupcake CNC, you would have heard of my firmware woes. Basically, what has happened was that I fried the boards (both the motherboard and extruder controller) during hotplate reflow soldering. It seems that the AUD$10 hotplate was simply too crap and the temperature spiked high enough to damage something (I never got round to desoldering the microcontrollers and testing each one).
22 July 2009 / / Making Stuff