Fixing a loose adjustment knob on the Oculus Rift

My Oculus Rift dev kit arrived last week and I’ve been playing with it as much as I can… when I’m not consumed by the urge to purge the contents of my stomach (due to playing with said rift) that is.

One thing that I noticed since day one was that the left adjustment knob on my unit was extremely loose. So loose infact that if you were to bump the screen on the left ever so slightly, it’d move out of alignment with the right side.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the left side has a missing washer. Without this washer, not enough pressure was placed on the mounting bracket (that attaches to the screen assembly), and hence not enough pressure was placed on the indexed wheel against the pin that holds it in place. It’s a small part and I’d attribute that to assembly error.

Oculus Rift adjustment mechanism with plastic washer

Oculus Rift adjustment mechanism without plastic washer

The fix was simple, just add a washer of the appropriate thickness where it’s supposed to be.