Week 2

Yesterday marked the end of my first week of official training and my second week at the Beijing Circus School.

My progress seems to have stagnated this week. No big improvement in Feicha, nor straps, nor tumbling.

In fact I managed to strain my back from straps on Thursday. And yesterday I rolled my right ankle in tumbling class. It’s so frustrating that it happened while I was walking on the tumble strip (which is just a bunch of scatter mats covered with a long carpet).

After training, we went out for a farewell & birthday dinner for a friend. That was an epic night to remember. Lots of crazy dancing, and drunken Burmese acrobats. Another thing I noticed in Beijing is that a fair number of clubs in SanLiTun have poles in them for dancing. Although it seems that it’s mostly used by guys trying to impress the ladies but generally failing.

Dancing with a sprained ankle probably wasn’t the brightest of ideas. But then it was a birthday celebration, so I managed what I could. In the end, the painkillers were wearing off and thus I had to call it a night. Much earlier than the other party animals. But we had 2 guys with us who wanted to head back to school but had no idea how to do so (not that I had any idea myself). But in the end, with the help of a few friends, some written directions, and a few friendly cops on the street, we finally made it back to school and into the dorms.

And as always, no good deed goes unpunished and my ankle was pretty sore this morning. It could have been worse, so I was at least thankful that my only ailment was just the ankle.