The Juggle That Wasn't

Last night we decided to check out Beijing Jugglers. A social practice session, not much unlike Juggle Jam back home. Oh how I miss Juggle Jam.

The information that I got was that Beijing Jugglers happens on Wednesday evening at Sanlitun, the “foreign quarters” of Beijing. What I didn’t get was that if the organisers don’t know if anyone is coming, the gathering doesn’t happen.

So our merry band of circus folk descended upon Sanlitun and found out that the gathering wasn’t on that night. In the end we decided to just have a little practice for fun. One of our cohort, Muakine, decided that near the fountain, behind some chairs was a good place to start. He pulled out his contact juggling ball and proceeded to do his thing. The rest of us just sat down and watched. I wasn’t too keen on doing anything until I had something to eat.

Soon, we had a full crowd around us. Enthralled by the graceful contact juggling. And when Muakine was done, my companions pushed me into the middle of the circle, expecting some contact staff.

With no real way out, I proceeded to perform a few tricks. I realise how much your mindset plays an important part of performing. The first and foremost thing on my mind was  getting dinner, not performing. Although I had fun, it did not contain the same energy that I have when I’ve had time to get my head in the right space. But still, the crowd enjoyed both performances.

It’s funny how things  randomly happen whenever we are out.