Street Food

Every night from about 7:30pm onwards, the street vendors setup show outside the school. It’s a simple little setup, a trough with charcoal, a rickety wooden seat, small tiny tables, and cheap plastic chairs. You’d go there and order what you want and it’ll be cooked for you over the coals. Simple but extremely tasty.

The most popular item on the menu would definitely be the lamb skewers. Tasty morsels of meat & fat barbecued till succulent perfection, with a touch of chilli powder. But of course there’s more than just lamb skewers, other things you can get are “bing” (a cross between a bread & biscuit), roasted chilli, chicken wings and more. On most nights, I head down to the vendors at 9:30pm after training to grab myself something to eat.

These days my supper usually consists of 5 to 10 lamb skewers, 5 sticks of chicken hearts, 5 sticks of beef cartilage, and a large beer. This might not be the best food for an acrobat in training, but it does taste incredibly good.

Usual Supper