Solo Living

It’s my last night in the 3 person dorm. I was going to move into the spare room at my friend’s apartment for a few days, but received word that a single dorm has become available. I really couldn’t be bothered to move twice in as many days so I opted just to stay in the 3-man dorm for 1 more night. I think my friends were a little disappointed. But then I didn’t have a change of clothes and toiletries when I was met up with them earlier today.

Tonight has been rather amusing. I currently share a room with a Chinese and a Korean, both guys. I haven’t spoke much to the Chinese guy as I’ve been terribly at striking up conversations in Chinese. But the Korean guy was trying to convey to the Chinese guy that the room floor is very dirty and that we should clean it. And I was in the middle of it trying to translate both ways.

However, we found out that this room that we currently inhabit is a temporary holding room. And we’ll be moved out as soon as there is space. Or at least that’s what I gathered from the Chinese.

Now everyone is doing their own thing again. The Korean is reading Chinese, the Chinese is watching Japanese anime, and I’m watching a Swedish movie. It’s kinda funny now that I think about it.

It’s good to get some privacy again. And not having to run across campus to the showers (which are usually open only in the evenings) will be a much welcomed luxury.