From Frustration To Vertical Success

Today was gloomy, both the skies and my mood. Ended up going over to Coolgers for some tea and Internet access.

Still feeling tired, frustrated and overwhelmed, I decided that my contact staff skills have stagnated for far too long. So, I went to the Home Of Poi forums and MCP’s site to see what new in the staffing world these days.

I downloaded a whole bunch of tutorial videos from MCP’s site to watch when I got back to school.

The frustration was really welling up badly now. I had to so something, and soon. Returning to school, I skipped my dorms and went straight to the Feicha & juggling studio to practice.

First I tried the Substitution Matrix. It looked simple and I’ve fluked it before, so I thought that it’d be a nice simple challenge to start with. That didn’t go according to plan.

I just wasn’t able to control the staff in the substitution.

After a while more I took a break and decided to tackle something else - the Vertical Matrix. That went surprisingly well!

Within a hour I was fluking the move. Within another 20 minutes or so, I began to feel comfortable with the move.

I’m still not even close to being consistent with the move yet, but I’ve made more progress than I expected. And I’m incredibly happy with that accomplishment.

{% youtube 6E0ElptWavc %}