End Of The First week

I’m still not an official student here yet. I might actually be enrolled proper in the coming Monday or Tuesday. But so far I’ve been able to observe (and at times participate at varying levels) a few classes. A number of the teachers here are pretty cool with me trying to sneak into classes to learn despite being jerked around by the school administration.

Also, I might end up doing Lyra instead of Aerial Silks here. I’m still not confident that they can offer me silks, but Lyra is an apparatusĀ  that I’ve been meaning to explore for a bit.

Other than that, I’ve been doing my own training. Drilling my contact staff moves and slowly learning stick-on-stick contact on my own. Haven’t been doing as much conditioning as I should, but have been stretching a fair bit. Hopefully I’ll have my left front splits back before my grading examination.