Almost Over

My fourth week has passed, the adventure is almost over. I now have only a few days left at the school.

This week has brought forth yet more new arrivals. One of which was a fellow contact staffer! It was great having someone to talk and share tricks with.

I have learnt so much, and gotten much stronger during this time. The training wasn’t as hard as I expected, but it’s still taxing. When I first came to the school, I lost about 3kg within the first week. But I’m glad that since then, I’ve regained the lost weight.

This week in Feicha, I learnt a new trick, worked on combinations. And in my spare time been working on transitioning between Feicha and contact staff, and even combining moves and ideas from both forms. It has been an exciting week of play. To top it off, one of the top Feicha performers came to the school and I saw a demonstration of an incredible double Feicha move. The video I got from it is of rather poor quality, but I’m fairly certain that I can get some valuable information from it regardless.

In straps, I seem to be getting nowhere with my front and back planches. But I have been able to consistently get into a side planche and hold it for 30 seconds! This was something that I could not do before my trip. Wang Laushi has been getting me to do a few new sequences too, but I highly doubt that I’m truly ready for them.

I’m getting slightly better at tumbling, but still not good. However, this is a good sign that I’m getting stronger. So I guess I’m not too fussed.

It’s unfortunate that I didn’t receive training all the skills that the school initially promised, but I did develop a fair bit (especially in Feicha) in the other skills that I received training in.