Last Look At San Francisco

My last day in San Francisco has brought me to Prepare For The Playa, a pre Burning Man festival of sorts. I was looking forward to this as it ment that I’ll be around more alternative types as opposed to the mainstream trend-chasers that I see everyday.

Prepare For The Playa

The event wasn’t exactly what I expected but I enjoyed myself walking about looking at the interesting clothes and costumes. I also met the cool folks behind Flowtoys and had a play with their 3 part contact glow staff. I have to say, it felt really good for a glow staff. It was rather wobbly, but then I have yet to encounter a glow staff (with a glowing middle) that doesn’t have a fair bit of wobble. Even my Concentrate C3 staves have a fair bit of wobble in them.

As always with travel, a few things often strike one as odd. But finding child height urinals in a night club was rather… odd.

This sign I found in the car park at the airport. It doesn’t make much sense to hang a tow-away sign on what looks like the electrical outlet for the electric cars that this spot was reserved for.

Looking back, it was a fun trip (complete with screaming, crying kids). And I was really happy to be able to see my sister and her family (despite the screaming, crying kids). Now, as I look towards my next destination, my mind is filled with thoughts of training. Who knows what new skills I’ll pick up in Beijing. In addition to that, I’m looking forward to seeing my friends again and training with them.