California Academy Of Sciences

We went to the California Academy Of Sciences today. It’s a life sciences museum in built in the Golden Gate Park.

For what looks like a small facility, it has a decent sized aquarium and a rainforest inside a dome. It’s all looks rather impressive with shiny glass and gleaming steel all round.

Everybody Loves Penguins

Everybody loves penguins! Or at least so it appeared as I went on my way towards the rainforest dome.

T-Rex Bones

And no self-respecting life sciences museum would be complete without a dinosaur.


Just outside the rainforest dome was a lab. Today the technicians were preparing birds to be stuffed (and not in the culinary tradition). I overheard a child asking his father, “Daddy, what are they doing?”, and the response he got was, “they are making puppets, see, she’s blowing up the puppet now.” That gave me a chuckle.

This is a the dome, over 3 stories high. The roof is built with a buldge to accomodate the dome.

Rainforest Dome

Inside The Rainforest Dome

Passing though the double doors, I entered the rainforest. It was an impressive enclosure. The experience marred only by the sheer volume of noise generated by the other patrons. The air in San Francisco is usually very dry, so it was a nice change to feel the humid air inside the enclosure.

The only way out of the dome was an elevator at its top that leads back down, lower than the inital entrance. Below the dome, housed the academy’s aquariums.

Under Water

An underwater tunnel connects the elevator exit to the aquariums. This leads to a rather interesting view of the world.

Giant Sea Bass

In one of the tanks lurks a giant Sea Bass. I never knew they could grow to such a size. Amazing!

Giant Sea Bass Vs. Human

And here is an innocent bystander for a size comparision. The Bass is enormous!

Jelly Fish

A tank full of jellyfish. I wouldn’t say that it was spectacular, but it was beautiful none the less.

A School Of Fish

On though the aquarium exhibits, I caught sight of a school of fish in what I presume to be their main tank.

White Aligator

This rare beast here is the star attraction of the facility, the white alligator.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I did not make it to the living roof (another one of the main attractions of the academy). As the facility closed for the day, we proceeded towards the Japanese Tea Garden.